Call for Papers


Papers in any relevant area related to any of the sub-themes of the conference are invited. Submitted papers that pass the blind-review by the technical committee will be accepted for presentation. All papers presented in the conference will be published as conference proceedings (with ISBN). Selected papers will be published as an edited volume (with ISBN).



Customer Co-creation, Holistic Marketing, Disruptive Marketing, Marketing Analytics, Integrated Marketing, Communication, Omni channel Marketing, Cause Marketing, Strategic Brand Management, Agile Marketing, Experiential Marketing.

Accounting & Finance


Corporate Finance, Personal Finance, Behavioural Finance, Financial Markets, Institutions and Services, Financial Innovations & Engineering, International Financial Reporting Standards & GAAP Digital Finance, Digital Assets & Crypto Currencies Sustainable, Environmental/ Green Finance and Investment Innovations, Public Finance, Public Procurement and Public Policy.



Entrepreneurship Education and Capacity Building, Entrepreneurial Policy and Governance, Entrepreneurship Ecosystems and support, Incubators and accelerators, Entrepreneurial finance conventional and innovative financing, Women Entrepreneurship, Trans generational (Family Business) Entrepreneurship, Social Entrepreneurship.

Systems & Technology


Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technologies, Business Analytics and Big Data, Blockchain and Fintech, Cyber Security and Risk, Digital Innovation and Business Models, Digital Learning, Digital Transformation, Human Computer Interaction Sharing Economy, Platforms and Crowds.



Case studies in Mathematical, Models in Business, Advances in Supply Chains, Sustainable Operations Management, Current Practices in Project Management, Advances in Material Handling and Its Impact on Systems, Lean Management & JIT, Operations and Marketing Interface, Total Quality Management.



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Remote working, Gig economy workforce, Technology-enabled HR, HR Analytics, Employee Experience, Workplace Fun, HR Ethics, Agility in HR, New Normal in HR Practices.

Travel & Tourism


E- Tourism, Virtual/ Augmented reality & Artificial intelligence in Tourism, Sustainable Tourism, Consumer behavioural changes/shifts, Infrastructure development and sustainability, Travel & Leisure, Destination management and marketing, Capacity building in tourism.

Data Science


Data Mining, Artificial intelligence, Big data analytics, Women in data science, Data visualisation, Image analytics.

Business Analytics


Customer journey analytics, Health care analytics, Financial service analytics, Marketing analytics, Pricing analytics

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